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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown RED RISING by Pierce Brown was like THE HUNGER GAMES meets GATTACA.

In a dystopian future, humans have colonized other planets in our solar system and also developed a class society. The Reds are some of the lowliest of these, comprising the laborers who toil beneath Mars's surface so that the planet might one day be habitable for humanity. It's a hard life, evidenced by the fact that sixteen-year-old Darrow has one of the most dangerous jobs (working a drill) and is already married. When the ruling class of Golds executes his wife, Darrow joins a resistance movement whose goal is to disrupt the class system and expose the Golds' most dangerous secret: that Mars is already habitable, and has been for some time.

The dark and dystopian beginning to this was reminiscent of THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT, but once I got to Darrow's training montage I was hooked for the whole ride. He infiltrates the prestigious training school for Golds, in which the god-like teenagers are tested under the guise of a massive war game. Darrow intends to win it, and secure a prestigious place in Gold society. He makes both friends and enemies, ultimately learning that the veneer of Gold society conceals many more secrets than the truth about Mars.

This was a good book with a great ending, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.